Daylight Savings Time is this Sunday morning, so get ready to set your clocks forward at 2:00am and LOSE AN HOUR OF SLEEP!! Ahhhhh! DST is not only troublesome for your schedule but now according to a study that was done by U of M, it can wreak havoc on your heart. According to the article in the Lansing State Journal,

".....researchers found a surge in heart attacks — 25% more compared to other days — in the first full workday after the "spring-forward" time change."

This is caused by the hour of sleep we lose when we set the clocks forward. And the opposite is true in the fall when we get our extra hour of sleep back: researchers found a 21% drop in heart attacks the Tuesday after the change.

WHY DO WE STILL DO DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME ANYWAY? We aren't in an energy crisis anymore! Ugh, you can see I'm not a fan. This is ludicrous! We are giving people heart attacks! Let's just stick to one time and END IT. I'm kidding. But seriously, try going to sleep 15 minutes earlier every day for the rest of the week and your body should be able to function come Monday morning.