Okay... The new music video I've seen pop up a lot the past few days is Kanye West's new Bound 2 featuring his fiance and the mother of his super cute child, Kim Kardashian (just incase you've been living under a rock the past year and didn't know they were dating!).   Now I LOVE Kanye and I have no beef with the Kardashian family either, I have been known to watch the reality show on occasion and even find them entertaining...

Seriously, all the articles I've read on this is the huge debate over Kim and if her tiny waist is actually real in the video or if it is photoshopped (seeing as how she just had a kid not long ago)... Who cares about whether or not she's photoshopped!?  Celebrities have been making themselves look smaller on film for years, we all know it happens... Whatever, Kim looks good, lay off her waist. My question is why is everyone ignoring the real issue that this music video is a huge cluster eff and I'm so confused!

Here's my opinion on the actual video itself and what I think is wrong with it:

  1. It's like a bad acid trip from the 70s!  This looks like you put a motorcycle in your basement in front of a green screen, put a fan in front of it and got one of the Kardashian tweens to edit the background after you were done filming.
  2. Why does Kim look so awkward when it zooms in on her face?  It's almost like a blank high expression, which takes me back to my bad acid trip theory for the video.... Kanye, what were you and Kim doing when you really filmed this video???  Were you up at 4am one night eating a few special brownies after North fell asleep and were like, 'Hey, I've got this idea, lets go to the garage, you get naked, sit on my bike and we'll make a music video!'... (haha that's how I'm going to imagine how it all went down which actually now sounds kind of fun)
  3. Why is Kim naked?  I mean, I get it, nudity can be used for art and I'm not offended by it at all, I just don't understand why Kim is naked in this video?

Haha, I guess I'm done with my soapbox now... I was just expecting a little more from this music video that hopefully North will not be forced to watch when she's a teenager.

Ps. There is a snippet of the video above via The Ellen Show, I didn't post the official video due to explicit content.. you know... in case any kids were reading my blog!