Quick while there's still 5 minutes left in Tuesday!  Here is my progress that I wanted to share!  From left to right: March 2013, August 2013, December 2013!  I first started losing weight after reading the book Skinny Bitch which completely changed the way I think about my food and what goes into my body now and a little bit of Hot Yoga thrown in was the progress from March - August.  August was when the real work kicked in!  I started working out with my trainers at Go Workout twice a week, and now I've quit smoking and I'm at a point where I'm going to the gym on my own a few extra days a week to run a mile or 2 miles or a 5k if it fits my mood for the day!  This is definitely an awesome journey and I keep learning more and more about my body and fitness the more I do. Loving being fit, it's also amazing how much taking care of my body has helped to keep my mind fit, focused and happy! Plus seeing progress really pushes me to keep working even harder! What motivates you?!