Kidabaloo is back in 2016, and its a fun day for all children that attend. The weather is warmer in April and that means you are able to go outside without wearing 4 layers of clothing. Kidabaloo is a full of fun things to do for your children and here are the top 3 things your children can do there (and you might be able to do too)

1. Play on the inflatable obstacle court. This can be fun for your older children too such as ages 6 and up. Also after this your kids may be ready for a nap.

2. Lauren Taylor from the Disney show “Friends Whenever” will be there, courtesy of the Capital Area District Libraries! You’ll get to meet her and have your picture taken with her. And 30 lucky VIP ticket holders get to meet with Lauren privately and get a few surprise gifts, too

3. Play with all of the toys! Yes there are toys at Kidabaloo. Last year there were remote control cars to race, along with some magic tricks that the kids can watch and also learn. Kidabaloo have tons of booths for kids to play at and also learn from, so you don't know what will be there this year.