It never fails, every year we get our first snow or a big snow like this weekend and it seems like everyone has forgotten how to drive in the snow! There's cars piled up on the side of the road, a wreck in the middle of an intersection, a large SUV flying past everyone or riding your tail... So, I compiled this list of tips for driving in the snow or on ice. Also there's a great video at the bottom of this post for what to do when you start to slide on the ice.

  1. Don't assume that your four wheel drive makes you invincible - sure it helps get over more snow, but you're still going to slide if you're not careful.
  2. Be prepared! Put snow gear in your car. Shovel and litter for if you get stuck. Scraper and de-icer for your windshield (I keep a towel to wipe off the de-icer after I spray it on because it just re-froze on my windshield this morning). A safety kit in case you get stranded: gloves, blanket, flashlight, flares, etc.
  3. If you keep your windshield wipers flipped up, it will help keep them from freezing.
  4. Don't slam on your breaks, ease off the gas and let the car slow on its own. A moving tire means it still has traction and will help you steer out of a collision if needed.
  5. Don't drive while you're tired. It takes a lot out of you driving in bad conditions and you're going to want your reflexes to be as quick as possible.
  6. Don't park in the street... seriously, there's one person who always parks behind my driveway in the street. One it prevents the snow plows from plowing that side of the road. Two it is much harder for me to maneuver out of my driveway when my car is sliding all over the place, I'm probably going to back into you!
  7. Don't follow too close behind a car. And while I'm at it, use your blinkers! I almost hit someone the other day who turned and did not use their blinkers at all.

Here's what you guys had to say:

Slow the eff down! - Nick Chase


Always keep your lights on for safety... if you're in a white car and your lights are off you're an idiot - Josh Strickland


Drive it like you stole it - James Thomas


Turn off traction control - Dee JFace


Clean the top of your car off so the people behind you don't get a face full of snow - Josh Strickland


Make sure you have good tires and not bald ones or you'll be screwed when the roads are slippery - Chelsea Potts


Don't drive! haha - Trisha Burch-Abraham


If you start sliding take your foot off the break for a second to correct. Slow Down Gradually. Don't panic - Dan Shade

Have any more tips for snow driving you want to share?!? Comment below! AND here's a tutorial for what to do when you start to slide!