Connor Lackey is a bowling beast. This kid is 13 years old and threw a 300 game! For those of you who don't know anything about bowling, that is incredibly difficult to do. Like really, really hard to do. There are some games where I don't even break 100. Again, for those who know nothing about bowling, that is horrible. Really, really horrible. There is video here courtesy of Mlive and you can watch him roll his last three strikes that he needs to complete the perfect bowling game. Clearly, this kid has a very promising future in the sport.

Apparently he got a new bowling ball for Christmas and clearly, this ball paid off! This eighth grader rolled the perfect game at Airport Lanes in Jackson and did it just four days before his 14th birthday. Let's see, when I was 14 I was sitting on the couch and growing a really terrible mustache. I'd say we are about even on accomplishing cool things at that age. Seriously though, this is such an awesome local story. Congrats Connor, I'll be practicing at the lanes soon to take you on!