Alright yeah I love this idea. But let's not pretend like this isn't going to make sex pretty awkward for some. Well, more awkward than it already is for some people. British teenagers have developed some pretty amazing technology here. Condoms will now be able to detect when it has come across an STD. That's right, your plain Jane, yet safe condom, will turn a trick when you've come across someone with an infection. I LOVE this, not only will it continue to promote safe sex among people, but will also help identify when a partner may not be the healthiest at that particular moment. Clearly this is going to help prevent disease spread all over the place.

According to it was all a part of a competition in the UK for their Teen Tech Awards. The guys brought home $1,500 and a trip to the Buckingham Palace later on in the year. So this is just a concept right now, but it won't and shouldn't be long until you can roll in to Quality Dairy Mart or Speedway, or wherever people get condoms and pick some of these bad boys up. Now the question will be, will you participate in one now that you know it can help you and your partners be healthy?