You know when people say normal phrases that all of a sudden sound dirty without even meaning to and then some jokester in the room yells, 'That's what she said!'

Well I realized that the sports announcers of the Big Game had a TON of 'That's what she said!' moments! So I compiled a list of their funny announcements here: 

“He gets the penetration in the backfield”

“Get that natural rubbing action up the field there”

“It was outside the pocket… he was under pressure”

“He had plenty of separation and Russell just had to make sure he didn’t overthrow him on that ball”

“They’re anticipating man coverage”

“Holding them up and getting the rub”

“He had it for just a moment and Nate Irving was able to reach his hand in there and get it loose!”

“The wide receiver does a good job right here on Dominique Hardy”

“You don’t know if the knee was down or something else was down when he made that reach.”

“Marchon Lynch pounds it in!”

"The young big wide receivers for the Denver Broncos"

"It's third and about two inches!"

"Thomas was not playing deep enough on that ball"

“They’re starting to find their rhythm but there’s a lot of plays with second and inches”

“Second and inches just became third and a yard”

“Orlando Franklin… he just drives it right down to Peyton Manning”

“We’ll have to wait and see if this stands”

“Julius Thomas who’s working on Earl Thomas… no flag and a lot of contact”

“Maybe just a finger on that throw from Peyton Manning”

“We know how good he is and what good ball skills he has”

"He's got a VERY strong arm"

"I don't think he trust he had enough arm to get it all the way out there...."



feel free to ad more below as you hear them!