So yesterday was a little bit of a funny suprise! Strickland found my little brother on Buzzfeed! I fell on the floor dying of laughter! Of course it's linked back to my blog a few months ago with this photo where we did a caption contest so that's even cooler that Buzzfeed watches the 97.5 website!

I swear my little brother Chris is going to go viral or be famous before I do! This isn't his first stint in the spotlight! He is also featured on Speeders (a TruTV series) 8 years ago for making an a** of himself in Panama City on Spring Break... He leaned in to the camera and said 'I'm making my Mom proud!'... there's  a YouTube video of it out there somewhere! If you can find it send it my way!

Here's his selfie on Buzzfeed! He is number 3!