So the City Pulse Top of the Town results are finally out here! And you guys put me on the cover!!!! I have a TON of Thank You's... so I'll do the best I can and if I leave anyone out, it is only out of sheer excitement so please forgive me and this post might get edited to ad you in if I forget you!

So this is the 4th year in a row I've made it into the top 3 for best local radio personality, but it is the very first year I've actually won and made it to number 1! I made a point to not solicit for votes this year because I wanted any vote I got to be authentic and come from the heart of the voters and not persuade anyone at all.... and holy crap I actually won!

So I was literally in tears when I saw this because I am EXTREMELY grateful to my listeners for believing in me! When you work in radio most people in our business tend to leave home and their families, and that is exactly what I did when I moved to Lansing 6 years ago!

With that move, you guys have let me share every tiny aspect of my life with you via the radio and internet, so in a way you have become my family! You have been here with me through the high lights of my career, my personal struggles, break ups, my journey to get fit and become a better me and everything else in between. You have let me share my personal life with you and you have shared yours right back with me and we connected on a personal level that just proves to me that the choice I made to be in radio was 100% worth it because we have built our very own community!

I've had gay teenagers come out via my webcam, was on air when Michael Jackson died, ran the board for Strickland's morning show (the very first time) when Extreme Home Makeover came to Lansing, been a part of The Pink Tie Affair for people affected by breast cancer, helped give prom dresses to girls in need and been a part of so many things much much bigger than me because of 97.5 and I have learned so much about myself because of it.

So obviously my first Thank You goes to you, my listeners and internet followers (and in between) who voted for me this year. You have truly become my family and I really remember every single person on my Facebook and Twitter when I finally get to meet you in person. You are what reminds me every day why I am doing what I am doing and keep me motivated and make me a better person today than who I was yesterday. I am so grateful that you let me be a part of your life and that you have become a part of my life! I am also grateful that I have been accepted into the Lansing community because this town has become my home and I could not imagine a better place to live.

I also want to say a HUGE Thank You to my boss Josh Strickland. 6 years ago I bugged him relentlessly to hire me and he finally did! I will be the first to say that I know that I am not the easiest person to be the boss of! I've had to call in late many a time because I left my purse and car keys on someone's tour bus or some other crazy antic! But Josh believed in me and hired me and gave me the afternoon show I have today. So I am grateful that Josh has always stood up for me in radio and believed in me and whatever crazy idea or antic I have thrown his way and still kept me on board with the 97.5 staff! He may be one of my favorite bosses I have ever had and I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for him seeing something in me that other program directors didn't at the time.

Thank you to everyone who posted for people to vote for me this year and past years! I didn't ask for those posts, so to know you were rooting for me meant a ton! (Jimi Kanklez, Shelly, Mychael and Nadi I'm looking at you! and if I missed anyone else yell at me!) I'm also really excited for the people I've been collaborating with this past few months to make more wonderful things happen locally and I can't wait to share with you guys! (so thank you to them for believing in me too!)

I'm also very humbled to even be mentioned in the same category as some of the best radio personalities in this town who have been here longer than I have and who I still look up to and hope to accomplish some of the same things that they have accomplished in their radio career. I've shared this category with Tim Barron, Deb Hart, Rich Michaels, MoJo, Josh Strickland, Banana Don and Stephanie McCoy (and remind me if I'm leaving anyone out) but these people are amazing and we have so much more great talent in this town as far as radio goes, so I just want to say I truly know it's a big deal to even be compared to these guys because I know I still have so much more to learn and so much more growing to do as far as radio goes.

And the last thing cool I'll say about the cover of The City Pulse this year is that I've been dying to have a picture drawn of me by local artist Craig Horky who's art I'm so obsessed with and I finally got that on top of being on the cover of The City Pulse and on top of being voted number one! I'm so humbled, happy and inspired to keep working even harder. This is the year for great things and I'm so happy you guys made it even better! Thank you so so so so so much! I can not say it enough!

ANNNNDDDD my last message I'll leave with this post... to every person young or old that still has a dream that is not accomplished... go for it, no matter what anyone says! It may take time and it may be a struggle, but if you want it bad enough you will get it and never give up and never let anyone let you believe that something is impossible... because it's not! Thank you guys again! I love you so much!