There's some good news in the health of Michigan State students, its getting better everyday, this according to a new State of Spartan Health survey done every two years.

Overall, the survey results showed a 9% decrease between 2000 and 2016 in the number of students who said they drank one or more days the previous month. Smoking also dropped 70% during the same time. This year alone, 89% of students reported either not smoking at all or not smoking in the last month.

Nearly 90 percent of students indicated their health was good or better even though stress was still a big problem on campus.  In addition the average blood alcohol content of undergraduate students the “last time they partied” continued to drop and fell from .069 in 2014 to .055 in 2016. The legal limit is .080.

Another thing asked in the survey was safety on campus, 93% of students said they felt safe on campus during the daytime, with 80% of students feeling very or somewhat safe on campus during nighttime hours. To see more about the results check it out here.