Dear friends, be advised --

The "no spill" claims in the overabundance of Snackeez advertisements on your favorite children's programming channel that have, no doubt, prompted your child to procure an urgent "need" for the advertised product, have hereto forth been proven fraudulent.

In a simple controlled study that consisted of tipping the product, which had been purchased with special funds gifted to Professors Madison and Sofia of the Strickland Institute of Consumer Affairs, during the holidays, upside down, a steady flow of liquid that had previously been placed within the product, exuded on to the counter top in the testing facility. The study consisted of a second test utilizing a second identical product which produced the same results.

The overall findings concluded that while the decorative shell of the product is fun, and the easy access to snacks is convenient, the failure of the product to prevent spills as indicated by the overt claims in the excessive number of advertisements is misleading, disappointing and inconsequential when considering a purchase of the product versus a sippy cup and Tupperware.

You are encouraged to share these findings with anyone you feel may find the results of the Professors' study useful.

See a demonstration of one of the Snackeez products spilling liquid (water) here: