HBO is joining the likes of Netflix and Amazon and offering a standalone service in 2015. This means you won't have to watch your favorite shows at your friend's houses anymore. You'll be free to watch the newest Game of Thrones episode in the comfort of your living room, pants or no pants.

As of right now, in order to watch HBO you must have cable. I'm sorry, but who can afford cable anymore? We have Netflix and Amazon that we stream through our Ps4 and are very happy with that. When we want to watch our favorite HBO shows like True Detective and GoT, we use my boyfriend's parents cable login and stream it using HBO Go. But not anymore! Rumored to be around $10 a month, this service offered by HBO could be a definite game changer. Is cable going bye bye? Only time will tell, but in 2015 I will be purchasing this standalone HBO service and watching True Detective in the comfort of my own home. And wearing whatever I feel like!