The Color Run really took off last year not only as a great way to support local charities , but almost as a social standard honestly. Everybody who was anybody seemed to run the race. Clearly you know how cool I am, I didn't run one. I've always wanted to do a 3k or a 5k too. Just a personal goal of mine. That's besides the point. The Lansing Color Run will take place on July 11th this year. Check out the Color Run site. They have the official course map there. Looks like a great route to see a lot of downtown Lansing too. For those of you who don't know, the color run seems like a huge part, but it's also a 5k. Runners are encouraged to dress in white and then the race people spray paint on you. I know how it sounds, but it looks like a blast.

Tickets are on sale now and the site encourages people to get them in a hurry before the race sells out. You can also check out great photos from the event they had in Lansing last year as well. If I wasn't afraid of dying at the end of the race from exhaustion, I would totally do it. I have to get in better shape I guess. Shouldn't be too hard I guess. So go get your tickets to the Color Run this year in downtown Lansing and get in shape people. What a cool event in our city. The race is offering a number of different ticket packages online as well. Check them out.