I was there last weekend, and I'll be back again this weekend too. Can't wait to see all of you out at the Art Van in Lansing tomorrow (May 30th) for their big warehouse sale. That means everything on the floor and on the warehouse are marked down to the lowest possible price, then if that wasn't a good enough d

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eal, they'll be taking another 20% off your bill. What a sale! I'll be there with all kinds of 975 swag too, so stop by and take a selfie with me and we can throw it up on my Instagram page! It's the West Saginaw Highway location, and I can't wait to meet all of you!

Besides the great 975 prizes and what not, there are a ton of awesome specials that we talked about if you need some furniture, or a mattress, or hey even a TV. They have everything that you're looking for at Art Van, that's a guarantee. Plus, just for walking in the door you get an amazing free prize. How about a 4 piece set of margarita glasses? Maybe a tablet? While supplies last, you can show up and get a free great prize and walk out with not only a great deal, but with a FREE prize. Who doesn't love that? It's only for Saturday, so get out there!