The Powerball drawing for an astounding $1.5 Billion is going to be drawn on Wednesday. I'm sure you have been thinking what you can do with that massive amount of money and I'm here to help. Here are 10 ridiculous things that millionaires and billionaires have bought over the years that you might get if you become an instant billionaire.

1. Travel to space.

I've always dreamed of going to space but since I'm not an astronaut I can't. But now, for only $250,000 (which would be pocket change if you win 1.5 billion), you can secure yourself a spot on Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic spaceship, making you officially an astronaut.

2. Start your own sports team.

Yes this is the first thing I'm going to do. I think if you have played any sports game in your life you have played franchise mode and own and run you own fake team. Well with $1.5 billion dollars you will be able to afford any team with the exception of the Yankees, Cowboys, Lakers, and a few European Soccer teams.

3. Buy a plane and fly around the world.

Go to every place you’ve ever wanted to visit. Maybe even the places you never wanted to visit just cause you can.

4. Build a casino in Las Vegas and name it after yourself.

I just recently had a conversation with my friends about going on a trip to Vegas, “Hey guys, wanna go to Vegas for the weekend?” “Sure, where should we stay?” "At (Insert your own name here) Casino and Resort"

5. Pay for college.

Pay for college for yourself and pay for millions of people currently in college or in debt after college.

6. Buy a private island.

And invite everyone you know (the ones you like) to vacation there. Of course, you’ll need to hire someone to do the scheduling. Just make sure it doesn't get too crowded cause its a private island not an island.

7. Build a water slide inside your home.

Because why not? Tyga the rapper has a waterslide that leads from his room to the pool below. Just a thought.

8. Put an ATM in your kitchen.

When you have a lot of money, it’s easy to spend a lot of money. So, why not have an all-access pass to your money? NBA player, DeShawn Stevenson did it, so it’s definitely possible.

9. Build an underground luxury panic room.

But it’ll be more like a panic condo. You know, for apocalypses, hostage situations, terrorist attacks, natural disasters and hide and seek.

10. Build an emergency room in your house.

So you never die! And never have to wait in line or deal with insurance companies. Supposedly a few billionaires have a few doctors on call to help them live longer and continue to be rich.

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