Everyone has gotten sunburned in their lives. Some people go out of their way to get sunburned ON PURPOSE! Not me. I have a very fair complexion and the sun does not like me, nor do I want to up my chances of getting skin cancer.

Yesterday we went to a friend's pool and my boyfriend got a nasty sunburn on his shoulders. The one that's flaming red and hot to the touch? Ouch. Looking for natural ways to combat the sting I came across this article in the Lansing State Journal. I knew aloe worked but I didn't realize we had so many of these cures just laying around in the kitchen!

Oatmeal. Grind some up, add to a lukewarm bath, and take a soak. Voila! Instant relief.

Strawberries. Not only are they YUM but if you mash them up and coat on your sunburned areas, it takes the sting out.

Fat free milk. Soak a cloth in cool milk and apply to your skin, changing them out every 15 to 20 minutes.

To PREVENT sunburns, (awesome!) eat lots of pomegranate and tomatoes during the summer!

What's your tried and true method for relieving an annoying sunburn?