You have to be kidding me, right?! This is insane. People of Michigan, double check your lotto tickets! You could be taking home serious cash. I don't know about you guys, but even if I win a dollar, I'm claiming all 100 pennies. According to mlive there are over 3 million dollars in prizing at the Michigan Lottery just waiting to be claimed by you. Two million of that three were two, 1 million dollar prizes that went unclaimed. Who are you? Bill Gates?! Are you too good for your 1 million bucks? Go get that cash flow people! If you're like some people who habitually buy lotto tickets and then forget to check them, you may want to break that habit and double check on those numbers.

In total there were 11 'large' prizes that went un picked up. You have a year from whenever you won to get up out of bed and become an instant gazillionaire. Okay, maybe not that much money, but hey, It's better than nothing right? I'm surprised that there were that many winners at all honestly. It got me to thinking, I have never won any type of dollar amount from any kind of lottery. EVER. So let's make this a poll question for the show today. Have you ever won money from the Michigan Lottery? Vote here: