My people over at Grand Traverse Pie Company are hooking it up deliciously this weekend. With every purchase you make on Saturday March 14th, you can get a free piece of ABC Pie. I mean, come on. How great is that? I love pie and how much fun will it be when you can celebrate on actual Pi Day? Don't get me wrong. I'm no math nerd, but there are some people who LOVE Pi day for the math of it. I sit and think about that and then just wonder when the actual pie is coming.

Grand Traverse has some of the best pie around too. That's for sure. You can participate at any of their locations. There's one in East Lansing and in Lansing too. Go to the one downtown, been there a few time and have never had a bad piece of pie there. Also, because of Pi Day, they are running another promotion on their Twitter page. Follow them @gtpie for more, but here's the jist. Post a video of how many digits of Pi you can name off in 15 seconds. I may be trying this out a little later. Hey when there is pie involved, I'd do just about anything.