Ray and Macey Duncan were married on the evening of Friday, July 29th, at a ceremony in Ray's grandparents' Williamston backyard.  The pair began their life as a married couple with a weekend getaway not far from their Perry home, in Okemos.  After checking out of their hotel on Monday morning, August 1st, the pair did some shopping and then made a stop at home before heading back toward Williamston where they teach the youth group at Mt. Hope Church.
Just south of downtown Perry, just minutes from their home, the honeymoon ended when an approaching truck moved into their lane on M-52.  In the process of attempting to avoid a head-on collision, the couple's car spun out of control, rolled four times and landed on its roof.

What many would call 'miraculous,' that both Ray and Macey not only survived the horrific crash, but were able to unlatch their seatbelts while hanging upside down and crawl out of the vehicle, suffering only bruises and cuts; Macey wants to be clear: "God was the one who saved our lives.  It wasn't just luck, a coincidence or that 'all the stars lined up right.'  It was Jesus Christ," she told Perry Pulse on Wednesday.