Okay, so Kanye kind of went on a little rant last night about the Media and himself, and I got as much as I could on video before my phone ran out of space and it's posted above. After hearing this rant, I was moved to write Kanye an open letter, so I won't blab, I'll write.

Dear Kanye,
As a girl working in the media I felt very moved to respond to some of the things you said about the media last night at your concert in Detroit. First of all I will start off saying that I absolutely LOVED your show. The production was amazing, it kept me on my toes and interested in the entire concert, I didn't leave my seat once to get a drink or go to the bathroom which is very hard for me because I have a very short attention span. I also love how you planned out the set list, I think it had a great flow to it and I absolutely LOVED your performance. I am a huge fan of yours and I woke up even more of a fan today after seeing you live for the first time.

Now to the rant about media... I think a lot of negative things people say about others come from not understanding the people they are talking about fully. And that's very understandable, I am not perfect as a girl in the media, I posted a negative review of your video Bound 2, but now looking back I realize that's because I didn't understand it or the concept you were going for. Maybe there are some things about the media that are misunderstood too. For me being in radio, I got in this job as a music enthusiast (I went to school for music theory and I also play guitar but most people and artists I meet don't see that because they think I just want to sit behind a mic and talk) so I wanted to be able to share great music with the world and hopefully meet some of my favorite artists that I am personally a fan of and share that experience with the world.

So the rant last night towards media in general trying to demonize you made me feel bad and question myself as a fan. There are a lot of other young 'hip' kids aspiring to work in media who are huge fans of you and music just like me who want to meet artists like you and do good for the industry but we get overlooked either because we are young or don't write that big negative headline that gets talked about. I've heard from several artists not just you the backlash of media hate. And I understand it, it gets frustrating reading bad things about yourself I'm sure. I have a bad day if someone complains to me on my Facebook about something I've said on the radio.

So my thought today Kanye is lets do something to change the relationship between media and artists in a positive way! For example when I actually do get to interview artists I like to try to highlight something that they personally like to do when they are not performing while I interview them (ie. I got a tattoo with Trace Cyrus while I interviewed him because he loves tattoos and is covered). I think it highlights a part of the artists that fans don't get to see and it's fun for the artists because it's not a typical boring interview that they do every day. Feel free to go see my YouTube channel for a few of them. Please don't get offended that I have your rant from last night posted, I have it so that I can go back and look at it and reference it for this open letter to you, it is not meant to show you in a negative light at all.

Lets do a good Kanye interview and collaborate together to make art out of it. I've heard you say multiple times you don't consider yourself a rapper you consider yourself an artist. Lets show off the good things about both of our talents and make art out of an interview. Or lets do an interview doing something that you LOVE to do when you're not actually working and highlight the positive things about Kanye that the world doesn't know about. And let a girl who is actually a FAN and loves good music and loves to share wonderful things about the artist to their fans who just so happens to work in media interview you as well. Give one of the young aspiring media kids a chance to shine and do something good for the industry. Or hell lets sit and just rant about the artist/media relationship and why you think it's so strained. Your midwest label rep knows me, have them contact my program director or me directly through the station.

It's your clean slate to work with and make a Kanye interview that's never been done and have the positive headline you want and lets learn from each other. Lets do it Kanye!


Radio/Media Girl