Remember this past March when Grand Rapids decided to, after 38 years, strike a law from its books that made it illegal to "willfully annoy" another person?  GR's City Attorney called the law "archaic" and said it amounted to a stalking issue and there are already laws dealing with stalking.  Annoying people of the world rejoiced.

Not so fast, ye!

East Lansing has just made it official --- it is against the law to "annoy" a person.

I know this sounds 'archaic' and, to quote NBC, 'quirky,' but this is actually great news.

East Lansing is ANNOYING.  Can I get a witness??

Traffic is always backed up.  People are always crossing the street when it's time to drive.  There is never any parking.  Parking enforcement is notoriously unsympathetic.  Prices are high.

Imagine an East Lansing with plenty of free parking, smooth traffic and never-ending dollar menus.

This is the East Lansing I've dreamed of.  This is not the future.  This is the East Lansing of NOW!

Wait, what?  Oh, it's...not?

Well what is all this anti-annoying talk?

A dog?!

This is about a dog?!