After living here for more than a year I have gotten used to most of the words, phrases, and traditions that are done here, but I've made a list to help other new people coming to Michigan.

1. Don't complain about snow. DUH its cold here and we have winter here so that means it snows. Don't complain just learn how to drive in it.

2. Mispronounce Cities -  Like saying “Mackinack” Island or “Salt Saint Marie.” Sigh.

3. Insulting any Michigan Football team - That mostly means wearing anything Ohio State or insulting U of M or Michigan State teams.

4. Saying Soda instead of Pop - I know I got yelled at for the first few months but its Pop. Just ask for POP

5 . Not knowing How Navigate a "Michigan Left" -  Either learn how to do it cause it can cause a back up or just don't make Lefts anymore.

6 . Ignore "YIELD" signs in a Roundabout -  We hate these things anyway…so if you're from out of state don't make it worse.

7. Not referencing the U.P - Not many people from out of state know or most forget that the U.P is part of Michigan not Wisconsin.

I'm sure there are more but if you know any, tell us about it on Facebook or Twitter (@975NOW)