According to the Detroit Free Press, Comedy Central has picked up a pilot of a show called Detroiters, which will feature an SNL alum as the star. Tim Robinsons was a writer and producer and even a cast member on SNL and will be heading up the cast on the new show. Another SNL alum, Jason Sudeikis will be producing the comedy which will be based on the Detroit Imporv comedy scene. They've done comedy in Detroit and the surrounding Detroit areas for awhile now and now the show will be picked up for a bit by Comedy Central.

We were talking about television just yesterday on the blog and how everything was being re done and re launched, well I love that this is a fresh idea and a fresh piece of TV. This will be the second show on TV currently that was set in Detroit. NBC has a show out now called Undateable. That is also set in suburban Detroit. The past two shows of late that I can remember that were set in Detorit were both dramas. Detroit 187 on ABC that actually did really well but ended up getting canceled anyway. Then there was Low WInter Sun which was a detective based show as well on AMC right after Breaking Bad that ended up getting canceled. Will you watch?