When the Program Director was asked "Why do this?"  He giggled.

I think we're done here.

The new K-High radio in Colorado is where you'll find your favorite morning show "Wake-n-Bake" and where you can listen to "High Noon" with Bubba Cushman, and don't miss the "High Drive at 5."

It's a radio station all about marijuana.  It's not much different than your standard news/talk station that spends 24/7 talking politics.  It's just that the discussion here is the politics of pot.  And gardening.

I bet their jock lounge has like 7 vending machines.  I bet they take really long lunch breaks.  If there's ever dead air it's probably because someone is literally sleeping on the job.  I bet there are multiple group smoke breaks per hour.  I wonder if they have to stand outside the back door of the building.