We been waiting and here it is. A brewery opening it's doors in Williamston in just one day! Their doors will officially open at 4pm on Wednesday. Wish I could go par take in the festivities, but I'll be here doing radio. You all need to go and let me know how it is. Anyway, according to the Lansing State Journal, the place is called Old Nation and will be keeping 10 beers on tap for now and hopefully expanding in the future. It's the former police station, and honestly I'm not sure why I think that is so awesome but to me, it is. I hope they kept some of the stuff from the police station too, that would be hilarious.

I have not seen a ton of breweries around the Lansing area, which is okay, don't get me wrong. There are plenty of places though that do serve up craft beer that you can't get just anywhere, so I do appreciate that. There is a definite craft beer BOOM happening around metro Detroit and it was starting to get a little stale right before I moved. But honestly, when I got here, I didn't see many, and now I kind of miss it. So this new joint will be really cool to check out, I'm pretty excited to check it out. Williamston isn't too far my Lansing friends, so let's all get out there. Check out the grand opening tomorrow at 4 at Old Nation!