So I'm gearing up for my long drive home to Alabama for the Thanksgiving Holidays, but my absolute favorite thing to do before taking a long road trip is make myself a mixtape for the drive home!  Soooooooo, I thought I would share my playlist incase you're about to make a long trip to see family and want to borrow some of my sweet jams to dance to while you're stuck in your car in Thanksgiving traffic!  Some are stuff you can hear on 97.5 now, some songs we've played in the past, some I hope we eventually start playing and some are just my jams period!  Oh and if you don't have time to make a mixtape for your drive, you can always download the app RadioPup and listen to 97.5 NOW FM via your smart phone during your drive!  Ps, if you have any songs you think I should ad to the list, comment below so I can ad to my mix tape on the way back up from Alabama!

Disclaimer:  This playlist is full of absolute awesomeness and you may feel the need to dance uncontrollably while you drive... be safe!

  1.  Stay the Night- Zedd ft. Hayley Williams... (I'm a super Paramore and Hayley Williams fan so of course there's going to be a few Paramore songs on this drive home!)
  2. Sweater Weather- The Neighborhood (seriously, weather appropriate)
  3. Burn- Ellie Goulding (The more I hear this song, the more it grows on me)
  4. Rihanna- What Now (Every time I think RiRi can't out do herself, she does)
  5. Anberlin- Impossible (LOVE these guys and so good to drive to!)
  6. Imagine Dragons- Radioactive (You think you love this song already? check out this amazing acoustic version they do... I absolutely LOVE it)
  7. One Republic-Feel Again (Also a favorite break up song of mine)
  8. Young the Giant-My Body
  9. Middle Class Rut- New Low
  10. Two Door Cinema Club- Undercover Martyn
  11. X Ambassadors - Unconsolable (OMG, see my last blog it's about these guys and their show at The Loft last Friday... I LOVE THEM)
  12. The 1975- Chocolate (I AM SO glad we just started playing them on 97.5!)
  13. Atlas Genius- Trojans
  14. Eminem and Rihanna- The Monster (Can Rihanna and Eminem date already?!)
  15. Ke$ha and Pitbull- Timber (OMG I LOVE!  and my friend Nadi who is a great local artist did the best cover of this song ever!)
  16. Bruno Mars- Gorilla (Could this song BE more Hot?)
  17. Lady Gaga and R-Kelly- Do What You Want (Why is this dang song SO catchy?)
  18. Justin Timberlake and Jay Z- Holy Grail (Seriously I rap so hard along with Jay Z)
  19. Flo-Rida and Sia- Wild One
  20. Travie McCoy ft. Neon Hitch- Ass Back Home (Driving home! Duh!)
  21. Travie McCoy- I Need You (I freaking LOVE this song)
  22. The Joy Formidable- Whirring (Total sweet band with a chick lead singer)
  23. Airborne Toxic Event- All I Ever Wanted
  24. One Republic- Counting Stars (I'm also loving this song! We just started playing it)
  25. Miley Cyrus ft. Future- My Darling (I've been jamming this WHOLE album! Love this one)
  26. Alt J- Breezeblocks (seriously another great song)
  27. Enrique Iglasias- Heart Attack (When did Enrique get so hot and why do I have a crush on him after watching this video?!)
  28. Macklemore- And We Danced (old school and my FAVE!)