Here they are... my top 5 Oscar-ish things.  I surprise myself!

1. #AskHerMore 
When I saw the hashtag about "ending sexist questions" I rolled my eyes.  But, after actually reading more about it, I see that it amounts to making the Oscars more about actors and actresses and their achievements than what or who they're wearing.  I am 100% supportive of this initiative.  At some point the Oscars became a fashion show and some in the industry are over that.  Personally, I love to celebrate actors and actresses' achievements and I love to see films and film-related things that broaden my horizons.  Theoretically, that's what the Academy Awards are supposed to be.  If an actor or actress is that into fashion, then be all about the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, I'm just sayin'.  I think to label this campaign as one related to sexism is misleading, hence my initial eye roll.  Read more about it here.

2. Neil Patrick Harris', Anna Kendricks, Jack Black ~ "Moving Pictures"
This may go down as one of the greatest performances/summations of the fantastic film industry in the history of ever!  It was PERFECT!  (And, personally, I'm not a huge NPH fan, but I give credit where it's due.)

3. Lady Gaga ~ "The Sound of Music" Medley
I thought she was done.  I think a lot of people did.  But wow!  WOW!  I mean, you can have an amazing career that eventually ends and it shouldn't take away from what a fantastic artist and performer you are/were, but sometimes it does.  I always respected Gaga as a singer and artist, but this just blew me away and reminded me how awesome she is.  This is Lady Gaga like you've never seen her!

4. Tegan & Sara & Lonely Island with special appearance by Will Arnett as Batman ~ "Everything Is Awesome"
There is nothing not awesome about this performance.  And let me sidebar a bit here, but, Big Hero 6?!?!?  I did not like that movie.  Yeah, my kids did, but, they don't have high standards like I do.  (Ha.)  But seriously, we own The Lego Movie and not Big Hero 6.  Doesn't that mean something?  Everyone knows The Lego Movie is the Best Animated Feature.

5. John Legend & Common ~ "Glory"
What is there to say, I mean, besides "Hey Chris Pine, wipe your face.  Everyone knows you're an actor and no matter how moving this song is (and it is), no one is taking you seriously."  Another snub from the Academy, not giving that David guy that likes yo-yos a Best Actor nod.  Wait, what?  Oh, that's his name?  What is it?  Oh, David Oyelowo.  Yeah, that's what I said.