In case you haven't heard about them "Hoverboards" was the big craze this Holiday season. A Hoverboard is a two wheeled motorized scooter, which can reach speeds up to 20 mph and have been known to cause injuries due to falls or worse cause the board has been known to catch fire.

Because of this most cities and have been banned from more than 30 colleges either campus-wide or partially

Consumer Safety Product Commission has said the scooter has been receiving complaints about it catching fire either while riding it or charging it and they are trying to get to the root cause. The fires appear to be related to the hoverboard's lithium-ion batteries, but the investigation is continuing

At MSU and University of Michigan Hoverboards are banned in residents halls but not on the sidewalks or roads though it is frowned upon. At Grand Valley State University and Western Michigan University they put partial bans in place in January, and WMU wants to make their ban campus-wide.

More colleges intend to ban the boards campus-wide not just in Resident Halls, but will do that next semester unless the boards are tweaked a bit and tested to not cause injuries like so many of them have.

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