Maybe it's because I'm not from the Goodrich community, or maybe it's because I have more interaction with young kids in my line of work than most others do in theirs, or maybe it's because I have young kids, or maybe -- just maybe -- it's because I have some sense of decency, but, my Lord, Goodrich --- what the hell?!

An elementary school teacher records a 10 year old student who managed to get himself stuck in his chair during inside recess, makes questionable comments to him, makes no apparent attempts to help him, plays the video for the rest of the class -- makes a joke out of the situation and makes a joke out of the kid, and has the gall to fight for her job...?!?

And do you know why she has the gall?

Because the community apparently "supports her."

The principal has already resigned.  Good for him.  He should.  Not because "somebody has to be responsible" but because he was there, in the room, while she was recording the video, and made a snide remark about how the situation wasn't urgent.  Then, he sent the video to colleagues.  Further perpetuating this despicable incident.

These people are what is wrong with our schools.

How can we expect our kids to be held to any sort of standard when it comes to bullying when this learned behavior comes from people who are supposed to be held in high regard?!

Thank God this kid has good parents who are standing up for him.  It's disgusting that he couldn't count on his teacher to do it.  Or his principal.  Or, apparently, his community.

Watch the video and get as mad as I am.

ABC 12 – WJRT – Flint, MI