Ted Visner bought a home on a land contract in 2010 from an Isabella County Sheriff's Department employee.  One weekend while he and his family were out of town, his landlord allegedly invited her friends and co-workers to raid the home and take anything they had interest in.

The allegations from Visner are that he was making payments to his landlord, Shelly Sweet, but that she had failed to make the mortgage payments to the bank, so the property went into foreclosure; a claim apparently supported by a paper trail.

Now, after having lost almost all of their personal belongings, the fight continues to save his home and property, and in a video that he released over the weekend, he says he believes that he will be "executed" as he defends his home using whatever force is "appropriate."

Liberty News says Militia groups are moving in to aid the Navy Veteran, calling it another "Bundy Ranch" scenario.

My gut tells me that this is a story that definitely has two sides, but, one thing is for sure -- it's getting more crazy, not less crazy, as time goes on.

Watch the video.