A couple from St. Clair Shores is suing the makers of Pokemon GO because the park near their home, a PokeGym, is attracting hundreds of people every day and it's disrupting their everyday life.

The couple alleges that Pokemon players have been peering in their windows, trampling their landscaping and even cussing at them, according to the Lansing State Journal.

The couple wants private property and areas near private property excluded from the game without the owners' permission.  I don't think you can argue with wanting private property to be off limits.  But if you live across the street from a park, I think you're S-O-L.

Besides parks generally being public property, that is exactly what parks exist -- to attract the public.

But beyond all of this, the couple wants money.  Again, if there is verifiable property damage then I think it's a fair demand.  But if you're just trying to get your piece of the Pokemon pie, I can't say I'm down with that.

We'll see what the courts decide!

All in all, in my humble opinion as a person that has downloaded the game but is not an avid user (and told my kids yesterday that I plan to delete it from my phone soon), I think the game has offered more good than bad.  And... well... that's life.  Sometimes good, sometimes bad.  Hopefully more good than bad though.