Earlier this week, the dudes at Ben and Jerry, cleverly named, Ben and Jerry have decided that it would be pretty cool to have some marijuana infused ice cream. With marijuana becoming more and more accessible and flat out legal in some states, does this even bother you? They said that once weed becomes totally legal throughout the country, that they would 100% do this product idea. Would you buy it? According to a site ironically called HighTimes.com says that both Ben and Jerry creators have experienced the substance in some variety.

Do you think that weed will ever be legal in the entire country or do you think it will go state by state until all of them do it on their own? how about Michigan? Ever going to happen here? I don't smoke, never have. But I fully support it. Rather have people getting high at their own leisure than going to jail for something so ridiculous as having a little bit of pot. Anyway, I'm sure not a lot of people agree with me and that's okay. But this is a step in the right direction. Get a giant company to back it and then produce it. Great work pot heads!