The state voter turnout for the Primary Elections on Tuesday was the highest since 1972 but the turnout on the MSU campus was low this year due to many things.

First, with the primary elections this week it was also Spring Break for MSU students. Many of the MSU students either went out of state to somewhere warmer for the week and thus couldn't vote in the state, or students went back to their homes where they are no longer registered and thus couldn't vote.

Another factor was that students may not know where they are registered or how to be registered here in East Lansing instead of where they are originally from. I'll tell you from experience, I've lived in a few different places already and registering to vote is something everyone should do but if you have never done it (and if you are an 18 year old living on your own for the first time its not easy) its hard to know what to do.

From the state news article here, Absentee voting has become essential for many MSU students. According to the E.L County Clerk's Office 1,820 absentee voter ballots were distributed to absent voters and 1,607 were returned for processing by 8:00 a.m. Tuesday

If you are not registered to vote you have to contact the Secretary of State office, which is located on Grand Ave in Lansing.

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