UPDATE: Congratulations to the winner Erin who won the contest!!! Her story is EXACTLY what this contest is all about! Here's her story!

 After struggling with an eating disorder during the beginning of my college career, I have learned that acceptance and self-love is key. It was a painful and difficult recovery process but I am now proud to say that I love myself for who I am. After my recovery I began a group at Michigan State called Spartan Body Pride. Our goal is to encourage students and the community to accept and love themselves just the way they are. Spartan Body Pride has allowed me to not only encourage positive self esteem in the community, but it has also helped me discover how to truly love myself. I have learned to love myself for my uniqueness and for everything that makes me ME and I hope that Spartan Body Pride and small reminders like yours will help others to discover how to love themselves and stop focusing on negativity in their lives. I LOVE MYSELF for being UNIQUE and BEAUTIFUL

Single this year for Valentines Day? Bummed out about it? Bum out no more! Valentines Day isn't just for COUPLES!

All too often I think we forget to stop and remember to love ourselves. It's also easy to be very critical of ourselves and we tend to focus more on what we don't like about ourselves more than what we actually do LOVE about ourselves! So here is your reminder to take a minute and love yourself!

Tell me what you LOVE about yourself! (Or show me with a photo). You'll automatically go in the running to win the ultimate Love yourself Valentines Day package including $100 to Salon Red, $20 to J2 Tanning and a night out with your friends to Spare Time Entertainment Center!

I'll kick it off with my list! I love that I quit smoking cigarettes and I love my new booty I've been getting since I've been spending so much time in the gym lately! Now tell me yours!