Kristen Martin is Nessarose in the Broadway production of Wicked. Billed as 'The Untold Story of the Witches of Oz,' Martin told Josh Strickland on Friday morning, "it's as if you put up two cameras... one shooting [The] Wizard of Oz and one shooting Wicked at the same time and then they sort of become inter-mixed."

Nessarose is the sister of Elphaba, more commonly known as "The Wicked Witch of the West."

In Wicked, we learn how the tin man lost his heart, how the scarecrow lost his brain and how the cowardly lion lost his fortitude. We even learn how Elphaba became green.

You may think you know the classic story, but even the biggest fans of The Wizard of Oz will be surprised by what Wicked reveals.

Tickets are available for Thanksgiving Day and shows toward the end of the three week Wharton Center run, but Wharton's Bob Hoffman said "you better get your tickets now." Call 1-800-WHARTON or visit to buy them.

Kristen called Owosso Community Players a second home when she was growing up. She also danced at Bohati School of Dance in Owosso before heading to Interlochen Center for the Arts and eventually landing in New York. "I just never really thought about [doing] anything else," she said.

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