I was hoping for a nice long and MILD Fall but, no. Mother Nature put the big kibosh on that idea. And instead we're going straight into the middle of frigid January. And guess what? The year's first snowfall is not over yet. Another snow system is expected to hit tonight and stick around until Friday morning. As much as it sucks, (I HATE DRIVING IN SNOW), it could definitely be worse. The Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, and Muskegon areas will be getting an additional 5-10 inches of snow. On top of what they just got. Lansing will be luckier. According to an article on mlive.com, the Lansing area could see anywhere from 2-5 inches. But thankfully the snow will end Friday morning, and we will see a BIG WARM UP this weekend. So until then: bundle up, drive safe, bring pets inside, and enjoy it. Winter is here to stay.