Tiffany Ozz wrote "Our neighbor made good on his promise of shooting our pet today."  She says two of her dogs, one, named Tank, which she rescued from the side of the road a few months back, and the other, a small terrier, got loose and wandered onto her neighbor's property.  Her neighbor is Wonder Why Alpaca Farm on E Dr S in Leroy Township -- a place one might expect to find people that are particularly pet-friendly.  But that farmer shot Tank in the head.  Fortunately, Tank was not mortally wounded.

The farm's owner doesn't dispute that he shot the dog, allegedly telling State Police that he felt threatened.  The farm posted to their Facebook page to defend their position, but it seems that was not well-received, as the Facebook page is now gone.  A screen shot of the post exists, however.  Ozz says the sign in front of the farm has been removed as well.

Meanwhile, more than 6,000 people have shared Ozz's Facebook post.  Tiffany Ozz is now looking to re-home Tank, whom she says is "one of the sweetest dogs I've ever known."

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