Do you have one of those 'cool' girlfriends who says Valentine's Day is no big deal and not to worry about a gift? Well here's a secret, she lied.

Who doesn't love gifts showing them how much they are cared about? We just don't want to have to hit you over the head and tell you to get us flowers and candy. We want you to just do it on your own because you are a nice guy and care!

So... if you want to avoid getting dumped or even worse in the doghouse this Friday, I compiled a list of AWESOME last minute gifts you could get for your lady!

Shari's Berries- These things are AWESOME! And they are even making sure they get delivered by Friday! Seriously these gourmet strawberries are like the size of my fist and taste SO good! and I never buy them for myself because I feel guilty for splurging that much on Chocolate... but trust me... it's worth it! Plus side for you? Afrodisiac! Duh!
Shari's Berries
Clara'sin downtown Lansing. I LOVE this place, it's got a romantic feel with the old train station/train seating and they are having a Valentines Day special with Prime Rib or Fresh Lake Superior Whitefish.
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Flowers- Okay, here's a secret about women and flowers... We LOVE having them delivered to our job because then we can brag about how awesome our boyfriend/fiance/husband is. Plus they are pretty and it's another thing women love but don't buy themselves! These Blue Hawaii Orchids at
Delta Flowers are new and AMAZING. Another cool tip... try opting for a planted version of the flowers so we can keep them on our desk at work forever and they won't die! (hopefully)
Delta Flowers
Cards- another thing that shouldn't be underestimated. Look for a card that is thoughtful and unique to your relationship or even personalize it! I love this one from Etsy, because... well, it's pretty relevant to what I do all the time with the man!
Steven L Marvin is a great place to send her!
Frazer Harrison