I LOVE THE THEATRE! And I'm really surprised I didn't know about this awesome theatre event that's been going on for 9 years. The Renegade Theatre Festival is a three day FREE event in Old Town that features groups performing from the Greater Lansing area with many local playwrights from right here in Michigan.

Events on Thursday and Friday start in the evening, with live music at 6 and 8pm and plays at 7 and 9pm. Festivities start on Saturday at 10am with kids and teen events and then shows are at 3, 5, and 7pm. Also on Friday night, a cabaret show will be at 10:30pm in an Old Town tavern. How cool and fun!!! Saturday also boasts an Art Feast, full of exhibits and a food truck rally!!

A very cool aspect of this theatre festival is that each year they perform plays based on a central theme. This year it's the 7 Deadly Sins, so look for seven plays about each one of those.

For more information go to renegadetheatrefestival.org