By now, it's a well established fact that Lansing has a pretty awesome beer scene. Beer is the highlight of many an establishment, ranging from places that actually make the beer like EagleMonk Pub and Brewery or Harper's (I know it's in East Lansing, but I'm counting it anyway!); all the way to the great places that sell yummy "Made in Michigan" brews like any of the Reno's locations, HopCat, or the newly opened Beer Grotto. But what about Lansing's spirit scene? Nothing really comes to mind when I think of where to go for an amazing cocktail, and not my usual rum and coke... Until now!

American Fifth Spirits, Lansing's very first distillery, is set to open this Monday. The Lansing State Journal gives us a look into what we can expect by speaking to president and CEO, Rick Wyble, who said that the first spirits that you can expect from them are vodka, gin, and white rum... but they aren't going to limit themselves. Wyble plans to try other liquors like rum, brandy, and absinthe because, well, why not? Wyble said "Anything that can be distilled, we'll try at least once." With an open-minded attitude like that, I'm excited to see what they come up with!

If you can't wait until Monday to try one of American Fifth's spirits, you can go to one of many local watering holes that feature the local liquor. Restaurants and stores that feature HUE Vodka (American Fifth's first product) include The Nuthouse, Taps 25, Reno's, and some Quality Dairy locations. But, if you have the patience to wait until Monday, I would say WAIT! That way you can get the full experience of American Fifth Spirits. I was doing some MAJOR social media stalking and saw a lot of cool things going on inside the American Fifth building (located right across the street from Cooley Law School Stadium). Their Facebook has some amazing pictures of their Art Deco style along with their penny topped bar, definitely check it out!

Are you excited to try this new spirits establishment? I think they are definitely one of the front-runners when it comes to new and exciting watering holes in Lansing, but do you think Lansing is ready for a mixology scene such as this?