The website Only In Your State lined up nine of Michigan's most unique restaurants, calling a visit to any of them "unforgettable."

Among those on the list are two from the Lansing area.

Golden Harvest in Lansing ranks at #5 on the list.  The author, Serena Maria Daniels, writes "Don't let the funky decor fool you. Instead, let the long lines to get seated help shape your opinion of this place, and then indulge in the spot's innovative breakfast/brunch menu and underground playlist."

Also on the list, coming in at #3, is Lula's Louisianan Cookhouse in Owosso.  "You didn't think you could find delish Creole-style cuisine in Michigan, did you? Well, forget what you thought you knew and try this Owosso place."

I used to LOVE Jambalaya's in Laingsburg -- I miss it so.  I have not checked out Lula's but I've only heard good things about it.  And, Golden Harvest, of course.

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