I love, love, love local history.  I love reading old stories, seeing old pictures and -- wow -- how cool to see the past captured in video, especially when it's a place that you recognize.

This one is especially exciting for me though, because I've had the conversation with some people over the course of the past few years that I thought I recalled family reunions at Lake Lansing where there was a carousel inside a large structure.  I also remembered some kind of cement track that we rode Big Wheels on.  I assume the Big Wheels were provided.

I don't know for sure where this place that I seem to have some kind of memory of actually is, but it certainly was interesting to discover that Lake Lansing did, in fact, once house an amusement park!

Maybe I'm not experiencing a memory but rather some kind of psychic phenomenon.  Haha.

Watch this awesome video produced by and originally aired on WKAR-TV in 1995.