So when I did my broadcast at Kia of Jackson last week I had no idea that I would stumble upon the greatest cat rescue story I think I've heard in a long time.

Meet Kia and Rio. These cuddly kitties actually live at the Kia shop. They both came to the dealership about 3 years ago (in separate cars but close to the same time). Kia was a tiny kitten that the shop found under a spare tire of one of the cars that came in. Rio also a kitten when found was in the drive shaft of another car.

So the shop basically bottle fed the kittens and raised them to be healthy happy cats and they now live in the office with the wonderful Kia staff! They even have their own 'Kitty Castle' with plenty of room to climb and play. And occasionally Kia will walk around the show room and check out the new cars! Check out the photo gallery of the cats below!