Justin Bieber is showing there's more to his life than strippers, smoking weed, super loud parties, showing his butt crack and similar ill-advised activities. The 'PYD' singer is giving Beliebers (and some non-Beliebers!) perspective -- literally -- on what his everyday is like. And his everyday? It's awesome.

In a new clip from his 'Believe' film, Bieber emerges onto the stage with his giant speaker-angel wings ... and lets the viewer see it from a firsthand perspective. It's high, he's mighty and it's an intense experience. While it would seem surreal to the rest of us, it's just all in a day's work for the Biebs.

In another new fan-recorded video, the crooner interacts with young Beliebers in Guatemala. He's smiling sweetly and earnestly throughout the brief clip, which was recorded during his charity work with Pencils of Promise. He ties a young boy's shoes, and to say it's adorable would probably be the understatement of the century.

Keep up the good work like this, Biebs -- it'll overshadow your penchant for other things. Especially if you keep better track of who violates your confidentiality agreements!

Watch Justin Bieber Interact With Fans in Guatemala for Pencils of Promise