It's always so refreshing when you have an exemplary restaurant experience, especially when you're toting three kids with you.

My wife and I, along with the kids, went out to eat at the O.G. earlier this week.  Immediately we observed that our waiter was exceptionally attentive and pleasant.  But then we noticed something even more impressive.  Our youngest, Sofia, who is always shy around -- well, everyone -- lit up when our waiter came around.  I mean, she's always shy... even around Grandma, whom she sees every day!

Do you ever sit at your table and mentally observe the waiter or waitress' tip increasing or decreasing?

This guy was friendly and on top of his game throughout the entire meal.  And then this happened...

On his behalf, I think I actually heard a cash register ring in my head.  This guy is GOOD.

So after I rounded everything up and then calculated what the tip would be, the tip ended up having three 6's in a row.  So, I added a penny.  Just in case he's a superstitious guy.