Join me on Saturday morning from 11-1 as I broadcast live from Motor Cars of Lansing right on 96 and Pennsylvania. Not only will I be broadcasting live and hanging out with all of you, I'll be handing out some awesome 975 swag and giving you a chance to win some movie tickets with me as well. Come tell any of the fine staff at Motor Cars of Lansing that Sean V sent you, and you'll get some movies tickets. Of course while we have them. They'll go fast, so get there as soon as you can and say hi! We can take a selfie, get yourself an awesome 975 bumper sticker, and of course, that opportunity at movie tix. Too cool.

It's also Motor Cars of Lansing's 15th anniversary. Which is pretty darn impressive. Sense it's their anniversary, we're going to party like it was 15 years ago with some amazing deals. Tomorrow you can get guaranteed $1500 minimum for your trade and free oil changes for 15 months if you do so. Any deal you got, they'll beat by $1500. If that wasn't enough for you, there is FREE, yeah that's right, FREE Marco's Pizza for lunch. So if you're looking for a killer deal on a car, and a lunch, come out to Motor Cars of Lansing. I'll be live from 11-1!