Last night I was broadcasting live at Shawhaven Haunted Farm in Mason and let me tell you.... I was super impressed. Tammy, the owner, explained in detail on what to expect when you go through their haunted attractions. First of all, there is this REAL coffin that you lay in, WITH IT CLOSED, for a simulation on being BURIED ALIVE. I'm scared of tight spaces, so I just couldn't bring myself to get in, but it looked very cool. Samara's Boarding House is chock full of scares so scary, you might just wet your pants. (I heard a rumor that it's happened.) Then there is the Wagons of Fear ride. Try taking a ride through the dark woods on Halloween night. I dare you. Check out their website for more information on their awesomely wicked attractions at

Tonight and tomorrow night are the last nights you can partake in the creepy events at Shawhaven Haunted Farm. The ghouls start their haunting at 7:00pm. Prepare to be terrified beyond your worst nightmare! OooOOhhOOOOOhhhhhhh. (That's my scary voice.)

Seriously, though! This is a must see if you love haunted houses! Tell them that Drew Taylor sent you. If you aren't too scared, that is.