We spent all morning talking about camping and vacation on Josh Strickland in the Morning, and then this story popped up and I had to share it.  I promised more info and, of course, the pic.

So this guy was vacationing in London, and at one point while traveling in a car across London's Tower Bridge, he ran into traffic, according to a Good Morning America report on Yahoo!.

So, while he sat there on the bridge, he decided to take a couple pictures of the bridge.  But upon reviewing his shots later, he noticed that one of them included a -- evidently -- newly married couple; groom in his tux and bride in her dress, embracing and kissing.

The photo looks too great to have not been staged.  But, as the story goes, not only was it not staged, it was so random that the photographer has no idea who the couple is.  So, he posted the photo on Facebook.

200,000+ shares later, here we are, talking about how awesome of a story this is.

Best part?  It's possible the couple has been identified.  But if it's them, they probably have no idea what's going on, since they're honeymooning in Bali.