AAA Michigan is reporting that gas prices statewide have dropped 10 cents per gallon this week. But around the Lansing-Area some stations dropped about 20 cents from Friday to today (Tuesday)

The average prices for stations in the Lansing & East Lansing are about 2.09 with the lowest (as of noon 9/6/16) was about 1.99, per the Gasbuddy app. The highest average in the state is about $2.38 per gallon in the Ann Arbor area. In addition, AAA says the average price in the Detroit area is about $2.35 per gallon, about 7 cents less than the same point last week.

Its surprising that gas prices have dropped especially around this time of Labor Day when most people are on the road for vacations or after the holiday when everyone is getting ready for school again. Another heads up there are over 20 stations in the Lansing-Area that have gas under $1.99 today so get it while the getting is good.